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"Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn't know possible" - Tia Walker, author


This is Hazel and her Care Coordination Caregiver, Kari.

Hear what they both have to say about the Northland Care Coordination Program!

How would you describe your relationship with Kari?

Hazel: " I love having her in my home, she is a wonderful person and I look forward to it all week. It was a good match."

Describe how your quality of life has improved under Care Coordination and how it is affecting your daily life for the better.

Hazel: "I wouldn't do it any differently. I've gained back so much since having Care Coordination, and with Kari's help I'll gain a lot more! I am stronger, have gained weight and am still living in my own apartment.

What would you tell others who are nervous to make the first step to get home care from Care Coordination?

Hazel: "There is always a fear of the unknown but you've got to try it! What are you afraid of? Try it- if you don't like it, you can always cancel. I started strongly denying that I needed help but I realized it helped me become as strong and independent as I am now."

Describe your experience caregiving for Hazel, and working for Care Coordination.

Kari: "I enjoy being with Hazel very much. She imparts wisdom and advice that are invaluable. She has become one of my best friends. I love working for Care Coordination. I love the flexibility, the variety of different clients, and the management."

We thank Hazel and Kari for taking the time to share their experiences and to help improve the lives of others!

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As an agency for homecare we are pleased with Northland Care Coordination because they provide answers to our questions, and come along side of me, so I provide the standard of nursing care that Ken deserves.

I’m still independent, and they are flexible with hours as needs change. For example, they call ahead to schedule for the next week.

I’m independent to direct tasks, such as cooking, cleaning when Ken’s needs are being tended to. They report back to me, important information such as pain, fluid intake, food, etc. I feel they are trustworthy and continuity in the caregiver is important.

We admire one of the male caregivers, Dalton. His calm personality provides Ken with a feeling of safety from falling and he has good negotiating skills. For example, Ken refuses to walk or exercise, but in a few moments Ken agrees with Dalton and does it. One can tell that Ken loves Dalton and he even asks when he is coming next.

Having this break is crucial because it is important to take care of myself for the long haul. If I crash the new really have a problem. When I am using respite care hours I can trust them so I have total rest.


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