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The Care Coordination for Seniors Program was developed to help keep seniors in our community to live healthier, more independently, and more fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own home.  The Program provides care participants, their families, caregivers, and professional health care providers more flexibility to meet health care needs, improve care and the quality of life for those enrolled.  Predominantly people age 55 and older that are enrolled in Medicare and/or Medicaid may be eligible to enroll in this new program.   The Northland Care Coordination for Seniors Program can help care participants get in touch with services that are available in our community.  The Care Coordination is specific to each of the care participants and is very individualized depending on their needs.

A Community Care Coordinator would like to contact you and offer more information on this new program.  Program staff can answer any questions that you may have.  There is no charge for the call or to enroll in the Care Coordination program. By allowing us to contact you, you are not in any way obligated to sign up for the program, just agreeing to receive more information.

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The project described was supported by Grant Number 1C1CM331042 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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